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Green Media Studies

Why a Mediography?

Green Media, i.e. the role of climate communication as well as environmental/ecological themes in contemporary media formats, is becoming increasingly prominent and, as a consequence, difficult to keep track of. Similar motifs and/or rhetorical strategies are implemented differently across media formats, depending on the respective media modalities See e.g. Elleström, Lars. 2010. “The Modalities of Media: A Model for Understanding Intermedial Relations.” In Media Borders, Multimodality and Intermediality, edited by Lars Elleström, 11–50. Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave Macmillan. and material affordances.

These intermedial complexities are an essential aspect of the potential impact of Green Media, e.g. in terms of their persuasive, educational or more generally empowering qualities. Therefore, going beyond media-specific lists like the ‘environmental’ games section of the Games for Change website, and building a comprehensive mediography to explore these connections is an important prerequisite for Green Media research.

The political and epistemic implications of this endeavour will be elaborated on here soon.