Green Media Studies

Finished Projects

Below we maintain a backlog of research projects that were successfully completed.

Spationomy 2.0 (2019-2022)

This project, funded via the Erasmus+ program, aimed to promote sustainability-oriented business development in urban contexts by combining insights from economics, business, geoinformatics and geography through a game co-design methodology informed by Discursive Game Design. The core deliverable is a toolkit that educators can use to implement game co-design as a means of fostering transdisciplinary sustainability communication into their educational formats.

Greening the Dutch Film Industry (2021)

This project, funded via the Netherlands Film Fund, aimed to quantify the ecological impact of film-making in the Netherlands, created an inventory of sustainable filmmaking transformations in other countries and conducted interviews with filmmakers about possibilities of becoming more sustainable. In cooperation with the Filmfonds, the research team implemented and evaluateed ‘best practices’ at six Dutch film productions. At the end of 2021, delivered a report with which film professionals in the Netherlands can get to work.