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Eco-Games (Digital)

As with many other Green Media artifacts, there are several partly overlapping lists and taxonomies of Ecogames available online, which we will summarize and reference as this page is updated. The examples below primarily stem from http://www.gamesforchange.org/games/.

BBC Earth: Life in VR – California Coast

A new way to experience stories from the natural world.


Resolve the desolation of the balance between nature and machinery.


Arrange and combine blocks to create unique neighborhoods.

Catchment Detox

Manage a river catchment and create a sustainable and thriving economy.


Face climate change and restore order to the world of Ciclania

Citizen Science

A time traveling adventure game about fresh water science.

City Rain

Play as a member of an elite environmental swat team in charge…

Climate Challenge

Play as the President of Europe and attempt to reduce your carbon…

Climate Defense

Can you prevent global warming? “Let’s Pretend.”


Collapsus blends a short film, interactive mini-games and news clips all at…

Deep Blue Dump

A game about Ocean Plastic Pollution

Disaster Detector

Help cities predict and prepare for natural disasters.


Don’t let the power go to your head!


Everything is about the quiet explosion of life.

Farm Blitz

Created by and for low-income adults to teach better financial literacy.

Fate of the World

Fate of the World is a global strategy game that puts our…

Habitat the Game

Adopt a bear and help save the world’s habitats!

Ice Flows

A game about ice flow in the Antarctic

Lumino City

A puzzle adventure crafted entirely by hand out of paper, card, miniature…

NOVA’s Evolution Lab

Discover how you are connected to everything that’s alive and everything that…

One Ocean Interactive

Enter the ocean and design your own experience in 3D underwater habitats.

Pipe Trouble

Make a profit laying natural gas pipelines while handling negative community responses.

Polar Plunder

Navigate challenges beneath the Arctic to collect fish for Percy’s hungry cubs.


A simulation of some future global warming scenarios.

Reach for the Sun

Manage your plant to make as many seeds as possible before winter…


Control a plant that falls from the sky and scour the landscape…

Save a Rhino

Help save rhinos before it’s too late!

Save the Park

Join national park volunteers on their quest to save the parks in…

Stop Disasters

Tackles the real issue of mitigating the impact of natural disasters.


How long will you survive?

The Garbage Dreams Game

Take on the role of the Zaballeen, who recycle 80% of the…


Fight to be king of the (ant)hills in this real-time strategy game.


Earn points peacefully as the world opens itself up to you.

Walden, A Game

Experience Henry David Thoreau’s life in the woods.

What the Frack

Make the decision to learn something about fracking.


Can you survive the call of the wild?

World Rescue

World Rescue is a narrative, research-based video-game inspired by the Sustainable Development…

WWF Together

Experience the world’s most amazing animals in one app.

Young Meteorologist Program

Stay smarter than the weather in this game about disaster preparedness.