Green Media Studies

Green Media @ UU

“Green Media Studies” seek to contribute to the understanding of the interconnectedness of media representations, media use, media impact, and media technologies in regards to addressing the climate crisis and imagining sustainable futures.

We study

… the representation of environmental issues (i.e. narratives, imaginaries) in media from a media-comparative perspective;
… media use by NGOs, activists, sustainable companies and related groups to support and frame environmental action;
… how green media facilitate ecological identities and forms of civic engagement on a micro, meso and macro level, as well as,
… the ecological footprint of media technologies.

Horizon Europe Project STRATEGIES

The Horizon Europe-funded project STRATEGIES (2024-2028) explores how the games industry can catalyze sustainable transitions in the European creative industries, together with partners in the UK, Poland, Germany and Denmark.

Ecogames Anthology (2024)

The anthology Ecogames. Playful Perspectives on the Climate Crisis has been published open-access by Amsterdam University Press in January 2024. More details, including how to download the book or individual articles, via the link below.

Green Mediography

The Green Mediography (2022-ongoing) received funding from the strategic theme ‘Pathways to Sustainability’ at UU to build an online repository that facilitates a media-comparative perspective on Green Media. The WIP version of the mediography is accessible via the link below.

‘Pathways’ Signature Project Ecocide

The Pathways to Sustainability signature project brings together an interdisciplinary team of researchers and societal stakeholders to conceptualize and tackle ecocide and its legal, ecological, scientific, political, sociocultural, criminological, philosophical, and historical ramifications.

Greening the Digital Society

Since February 2024, Judith Keilbach and Anne Helmond co-organize a special interest group within the UU focus area Governing the Digital Society to explore the ecological impact of digital technologies and good environmental governance in the digital society.

Climate Communication in the Platform Era

This ‘seed funding project’, launch by Dr. Donya Alinejad, seeks to create resources and support innovative inter-faculty collaboration to improve public communication about climate science in today’s increasingly platform-dominated media landscape.


The Shape2Gether project (2024-26) aims to implement innovative approaches in climate education with a focus on Europe by bringing together scholars from geosciences, technology studies, and serious game design across seven European countries.

Teaching with Board Games

Since 2023, Dr. Flora Roberts has been using ecology-themed board games as a teaching tool in the BA course “Un-)natural Disasters: An Environmental History” to engage students with climate threat mitigation from a historical perspective.